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It’s my Birthday! A Look Back on my 32nd Year

             Yipee – it’s my birthday!

I have safely reached the grand old age of 33. The celebrations of a birthday in your 30’s certainly don’t match the party days I experienced in my 20’s. However, with a child under the age of 2 priorities have changed and a relaxing night in front of the TV is more enticing than staying up until 3 am and battling through a horrible hangover the next day.

33rd birthday

Birthday Plans

This year I was lucky that my birthday fell on a weekend.  On Friday afternoon after work, I kicked it off with a much-needed trip to the hairdressers. I’m not sure why but organising to get myself a regular haircut these days feels like a military operation! A cut and blow dry later, I was ready to party the weekend away (or more realistically head to bed for an early night to prepare for the weekend’s activities!)  Saturday morning started with cake preparations, I had decided on which cake to make I started making it with a little help from the bear cub.



birthday cake making with mum


Later in the morning, our relatives arrived from Ireland. This gave us a rare opportunity to enjoy a meal out in the evening. We chose a new local restaurant and opted for their tasting menu. The surprise dishes included beetroot Falafel, Ham and cheese croquettes, Stuffed peppers, Tuna steak and a Black Forest gateau. Thank you very much to Old Skool Pantry for a great birthday meal. It was utterly delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed every last morsel. I especially enjoyed getting through a meal without having to feed a small child, bribe him with toys to sit in the high chair just a few minutes more or chase him around a busy restaurant whilst he ‘explores’!


Ham and Cheese Croquettesbirthday meal out for 2


My actual birthday fell on Sunday and it served as a double celebration as I share my birthday with my mother-in-law. We started the day by opening cards and presents. Then headed off for some fresh air (very fresh – it was only 6 degrees!)  in the park. 


birthday cards birthday presents


In the afternoon we welcomed some more family and friends and thoroughly enjoyed a homemade a delicious Sunday Roast Lamb.

family birthday roast lunch
Roast Lamb for Lunch










This was topped off by our joint birthday cake. A Chocolate, fruit and cream masterpiece. You can find the recipe here.

birthday cake - blowing out candles birthday cake

Before I knew it the day was over! Another year passing is a good opportunity to look back on the last 12 months and review all the things I’ve learnt and achieved. Turns out it’s been a pretty busy year.


5 Life Events in the Last Year


The Circle of Life

Sadly we lost two very loved grandparents this year, they will be truly missed and always remembered. On a happier note, our family has been extremely blessed to have two new members this year. Beautiful baby girls born 3 months apart double my Aunty duties from two nieces to four! Congratulations and welcome to the world girls.

Home improvements

After owning our house for 2 years we felt it was time to tackle two very big jobs. The bathroom followed by the kitchen. We had a complete remodel of them both, completed by the same fantastic builder and couldn’t be happier with the work. Although stressful at the time, it is definitely worth it!

Started a new job

I moved hospitals and went back to work after maternity leave doing a slightly different role. Although a lot of NHS maternity departments follow national guidance and therefore run in a similar way there has still been a lot to get used to. I have met a lot of great people and started to make some new friends out of these colleagues. I have even bumped into a few midwives that I have worked with before in different hospitals (it’s a small world!)

Became a working parent

Aside from starting a new job, I am now juggling work, child care, nursery drop off’s and shift work. It has been challenging but actually nowhere near as bad as I worried it might be. Cutting out the commute to London and working at a hospital in my own town has been the best decision to help the transition go smoothly.

Started a Blog

No one that knows me would ever describe me as technology savvy! Therefore dipping my toe into the realms of the internet, blogging, websites and social media has certainly been a challenge. In the last 8 weeks I have learnt so much about tweeting, hashtags, Pinterest, domains, hosting and much more that my brain feels ready to explode. Writing has been a cathartic process and I wonder where it will take me by my next birthday?!

Well, I think that 2017-18 proved to be quite a busy year. I wonder what the next 12 months will hold for me and my family?


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